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Sports Tactical Gloves

What are Outdoor Research Military Gloves?

Outdoor Research Military Gloves also called Combat gloves. They usually feature a knuckle guard designed to absorb impact, extra padding, supported palms, comfortable closure around the wrists for flexibility, double stitching, and reinforced fingertips for improved grip. Conceptually, they are meant to be lightweight, dependable, and fit the form of the hand snuggly so as not to fall off in the field. Outdoor Research Military Gloves are designed for top-notch performance with longevity in mind, to anticipate excessive exposure and the wear and tear of harsh environments. Most models make sure to include exhaust ports for ventilation and breathability to keep the hands dry. The idea is to feel secure and protected in them, while still retaining dexterity and the ability to operate stealthily.


What are tactical gloves used for?

Outdoor research military gloves are tough, durable hand coverings most often used by law enforcement officers, first-level operators, other military personnel, avid hunters or sports enthusiasts to properly protect hands and provide the ability to safely handle weaponry , while not affecting the flexibility of the user. They are protective gear designed to support a range of activities from professional to recreational. Outside of work, they are a convenient replacement for winter gloves and can also be used for outdoor activities such as paintball, airsoft, off-road biking and motorcycle riding.


What gloves does the military use?

Those who serve in the military generally use tactical gloves and are offered a suggested range of uniform and gear options that meet the quality standards of the organization.


What gloves do the Special Forces wear?

There is not one specific glove brand that members of the special operations forces wear. Structurally, combat gloves offer all of the features needed for Special Forces officials - from anatomical reinforcement to fire resistance. They even come in a variety of colors to blend in with the given uniform.

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